neo-enlightenment, text redacted

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[redacted] incarceration by emancipation. There are two initial steps in the process, the first being extraction of the bourgeois individual from common life and placement into isolation, sampling the good life at intervals for a year, providing the subject with controlled transgressions into common life to witness firsthand the fundamental incompletion of the subject’s former life in comparison to the good life.

Subjects in this initial phase are isolated with study materials in multiple mediums to exercise and cultivate the intellectual spirit, prioritizing topics the individual has interest in engaging. [redacted] The instructors then diversify content so that soon the subject absorbs information faster and at greater depth, and the assimilation of refined themes begins.


The subject witnesses an imperative of the will to wish to strengthen and sharpen the mind, and he/she acknowledges that humans are inherently eager to seek information and structure it to the mind’s will. [redacted] The enlightenment project reinforces that eagerness, revives it from an entropic state and demonstrates its potential [redacted]

[…] is our primary goal, so that the subjects, once the initial phase of enlightenment is underway, will return to former life in an enlightened state of consciousness, one that engages the political, moral, and intellectual processes, without modifying the sovereign person’s nature of character. We strive to combine the intellect with a culturally relevant awareness that each human being coexist and freely give, take, and borrow knowledge from one another.


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