Nameless (introduction)


—indeed, as a disclaimer of sorts, because it is important for me to remain faceless, nameless, unattached and unadorned, unaffiliated, as always, for if I were encumbered by attachments or interests or an agenda of any type, how could my observations and the language I use to describe the events in the world possibly be taken objectively or seriously, as fact, which is precisely what I’m aiming for? How can my opinions be legitimate if the reader does not trust me?

For the purposes of these archives in this notebook and the many others like it (though each notebook is always unlike any other, for the observations and stories inside them tell of each day as singular, unique, just as all consequences are singular and unique) I shall be nameless, anonymous, not only as nine letters arranged a specific way on a page but also as self-identification in my own mind, I shall inject anonymity into my identity so as to render myself completely obscure. It is the world around me that concerns me, not my own role in it. What you see as symbols before you is my role; I need not concern myself with rediscovery or any further discussion whatever. By birth I was not named, and into death I shall go the same.

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