Madness is a sign of illumination. We yearn for the answers and yet fail to ask the proper questions. Illumination like insects on the skin, clearing out the pores. Water boiling in the next room, filling our heads and lungs with curative vapor. The advantages of madness include overall physical and spiritual clarity, seeing objects and phenomena when physically blind, telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory perception, intense cerebral musicality, meditation, levitation, lucid problem solving, pronounced physical strength, a sense of weightlessness, fearlessness, penetrating spiritual guidance, complex and thoroughly explicating dream activity, intensive linguistic capacity, immortality, total loss of time and place, perpetual wakefulness, if desired, varied revelations of the eschaton, complete loss of spiritual inhibition, and more. The advantages of madness are not wholly revealed to the mad, just as not all youth are without wisdom. True madness and illumination touches only those who are prone, who are willing, who reach out to it so as to benefit from it. Madness is a spiritual state.

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